October 2015

Staying Motivated

By | October 9th, 2015|Cyclocross, Mountain Biking, Photos, Racing|

When you've been racing for 20+ years one of the biggest challenges and questions I get is how do I stay motivated. My answer is by doing new exciting races and adventures. The search for this motivation started after a big push to make the Louisville Worlds Team. Obviously I didn't make the team, but [...]

September 2015

A Busy Transition

By | September 20th, 2015|Coaching, Cyclocross, Mountain Biking, Photos, Racing, Training|

I just did a lot in what feels like a short period of time. After the East Coast adventure I decided last minute to jump into my 2nd road race of the year. Race the Lake, it was a good early morning workout, but after that I felt the fatigue from the 2 MTB World [...]

January 2015

Party On 2015 & Cross Nats

By | January 23rd, 2015|Cyclocross, Mountain Biking, Photos, Racing|

Its crazy how time flies when I am down here in Tucson!  Just like that Christmas happened, 2015 arrived, I went to Austin, Cross Nationals got cancelled, then rescheduled a day later, I shredded in Sedona, got a new bike, crashed, and that was yesterday...so I'm pretty much caught up! Elmer got a new bone [...]

December 2014

Tucson – Cross

By | December 19th, 2014|Cyclocross, Racing|

So far Tucson has not been the standard 78 and sunny, but honestly it made the two local CX races a blast and the only real muddy race of the year! Tucson sunsets never disappoint. We arrived to town Thursday night to our first of many amazing sunsets and had all day Friday to [...]

November 2014

Return to Mt. Krumpet

By | November 18th, 2014|Cyclocross, Racing|

I'm always pumped to head to Iowa City for Jingle Cross.  For years its been the best CX venue in the US.  Gnarly conditions, hard courses, and a party atmosphere.  Very much like Belgium!  This year was no different! I rolled down later than normal on Friday on went with the short warm up approach(more [...]