May 2015

Goodbye Arizona

By | May 6th, 2015|Mountain Biking, Photos, Racing, Training|

From adventure season to race season. From Tucson to Sheboygan. From Warmth to the damp Cold. From the desert to the beach. And a lot in between including 3 weeks of solid training, whiskey 50, the drive home, WORS and a new roof. Here goes: Had some fun in those mtns this year. Going [...]

February 2015

The Old Pueblo

By | February 24th, 2015|Mountain Biking, Photos, Racing|

Things are pretty normal this time of year.....always super busy 'on vacation' in Tucson!  Amazing sunsets, amazing sunrises, so many trails to ride, so many adventures to dream up and tackle, and so many friends to ride with.  Party On Tucson 2015 is in full swing! This months big adventure was the 24 Hours in [...]

Easing into the Off-Season

By | February 3rd, 2015|Mountain Biking, Photos|

Its definitely the time of the year where I don't update much.  I'm firmly in the middle of the off-season and now that I'm feeling pretty relaxed I'm going to start easing into some transition type training.  I've done a couple of big hikes here in Tucson, some Yoga sessions w/ Andrea, and I've been [...]

January 2015

Party On 2015 & Cross Nats

By | January 23rd, 2015|Cyclocross, Mountain Biking, Photos, Racing|

Its crazy how time flies when I am down here in Tucson!  Just like that Christmas happened, 2015 arrived, I went to Austin, Cross Nationals got cancelled, then rescheduled a day later, I shredded in Sedona, got a new bike, crashed, and that was I'm pretty much caught up! Elmer got a new bone [...]

November 2014

Iceman, Iceman, Iceman, Iceman

By | November 10th, 2014|Mountain Biking, Old School, Photos, Racing|

Iceman 2004 - 1st win & Triple Crown Iceman 2007 - Win #2 Iceman 2010 - My favorite WIN!   Iceman 2014 - Breaking the record!     2004 w/ Jakomait & Grumelot   2007 w/ JHK & Simonster! 2010 w/ Wells [...]