December 2016

Whoa There Cowboy – Welcome To Prescott

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The last update was quite some time fact I just had to double check and discovered it was after the Carson City Off Road and Jr. Mtb Camp in Mid June. So buckle up comes the last 6 months! Luckily its a rain day here in Prescott so I've got time for some reminiscing. [...]

March 2016

December 2014


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Feeling pretty lucky to be a snowbird at the ripe age of 36! The journey is always tough on the body, but this year seemed a little easier because I had taken 2+ weeks off the bike before making the trip to Tucson. We started with a quick visit to Athens, OH to visit my [...]

November 2014

Oscor The Great

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    Who rescued who?   The perfect phrase when it comes to Oscor.  He was the most gentle, loving, and low key dog one could ask for.  When our hearts were broken after losing our first boston terrier, Oscor was there to pick up the pieces and help us put them back together.  Oscor's first years [...]

April 2014


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Well its been a while...guess that means I've been busy with Momentum Endurance coaching, training, moving, and building bikes!  Being busy is a good thing!Its definitely game time for the 2014 race season.  My first race, the Whiskey 50, is two weeks away,  and the first WORS race is the following weekend!  All the Momentum Endurance [...]