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Coaching with Momentum EnduranceMomentum Endurance Coaching

As a certified coach with USA Cycling and with 15 years of Professional racing in multiple discplines, Brian is confident he can help you train smarter, race better, and accomplish your goals while balancing work and family and leading a healthy lifestyle.  Brian has been working side by side with Level I certified coach, Travis Woodruff, at Momentum Endurance since 2011 and has been helping coach athletes for at least 10 additional years.

Brian hosts many mountain bike and cyclocross clinics throughout the season, along with a spring training camp in Tucson, AZ, and a Junior Mtb Camp at Michigan Tech University.  His involvement in the new WI High School Mountain Bike League shows his passion for the sport.

“It’s all about hard work, better rest, and a relentless attitude.”  – Brian

Email bmatter@momentumendurance.com for more info.