After racing the Epic Rides Whiskey Off Road I was fortunate enough to stay in Prescott for an extra 2.5 weeks to prepare for Round 2 in Grand Junction, CO.  Unfortunately I spent a good portion of that sidelined with a little illness.  I was feeling better just in time for the AZ Devo Training Camp my last weekend in town.

2016-05-15 10.55.47

Training with this crew was just the right amount of prep for the Grand Junction Off-Road!


Elmer and I packed up and 4 months later were finally leaving AZ. Thankfully the drive was smooth and there was plenty of good scenery.

2016-05-18 18.39.47

The Hyundai was loaded down w/ 5 bikes and plenty of gear. We took a break just outside of Moab to snap this photo.

On Thursday we headed out for a preride and The Butterknife lived up to the hype. My training partner Trevor dislocated his finger(it was at a 45 degree angle compared to his other fingers(GNARLY)) and had to walk out. I finished the loop solo and was thankful to make it out unscathed. The Grand Junction Off-Road course is one of the most demanding and technical races in the US. On Friday it was back on the pavement where things were supposedly a little safer.


Having some fun at the front of the race. I finished up 7th on the knobbies.

This was my third attempt at racing in Grand Junction and I had my best start yet. I was in the top 3 up the Tabegauche Climb and for the majority of the long technical descent and half way up the windmill climb.  I fell apart at the top of the climb but managed to hang on for another Epic Rides podium appearance!


2016-05-22 13.09.40

Always good to land on the podium after a hard day on the bike!


After the race it was finally time for Elmer and I to head back to Wisconsin. The plan was make it 5 hours or so to the East side of Denver after the race and then a long day Monday to finally be home!

2016-05-22 19.27.41

Elmer does Vail Pass! Had to stop for a photo opp of the snow capped Rockies and some fresh air!