After a few days of getting caught up on things like rides to the cheese factory and walks on the beach it was time for a trip to the Northwoods for more BIKES!

2016-06-05 11.23.51

After the Mt. Borah Epic I paid a visit to the Chequmegon Fat Tire Forty World Headquarters! Lots of good Midwest bike history in that building.


The trip north was really multipurposed. To get in some good relaxation Northwoods style and to race the Mt. Borah Epic which was a huge fundraiser for the CAMBA Trails!

2016-06-02 18.26.55

We cooked out over the open flame. We fished and we hung out with a newborn fawn for a day.

On race day it rained! I’m not talking some afternoon showers. I’m talking a full on 24 hour downpour! It felt really good to get muddy after sliding the bike around on kitty litter all winter long!

2016-06-04 22.04.24

What a battle. At some point in the race we all crashed and 2:45 later it came down to a sprint finish!

Luckily just before the trip I was able to build up a brand new Trek Pro Cal! Nothing like completely destroying a brand new bike in a nearly 3 hour long race full of mud!

2016-05-31 15.44.13

The PRO CAL w/ the KOVEE wheels is amazing…however it’ll never be as clean as this after MT Borah Epic!

 If you ever happen to be in the Hayward/Cable area I’d highly recommend finishing your ride at the Time Market / Rivers Eatery for some wood fired pizza!


Not only is the pizza amazing, but the owners are great people and can pedal bikes pretty fast too!

After the race it was back to the cabin for more fishing!

2016-06-02 20.18.16

Elmer was pretty pumped when we reeled in the Walleye!

Another highlight of the weekend was sharing the podium w/ Courtenay McFadden….Courtenay and I really really like to finish on the same step of the podium together!

2016-06-05 11.30.32

After both finishing 5th in Grand Junction it was pretty awesome to both make the top step!