Feeling pretty lucky to be a snowbird at the ripe age of 36! The journey is always tough on the body, but this year seemed a little easier because I had taken 2+ weeks off the bike before making the trip to Tucson. We started with a quick visit to Athens, OH to visit my parents for Thanksgiving. I was able to get in 2 easy MTB rides and a longer gravel road ride. The crew in Athens is still the best. Love riding w/ those guys….every time I leave Athens I say I could move here….

2014-11-25 15.22.47

My last ride in Wisco!

We made a quick turn around after getting back to WI and started the real drive. From WI to St Louis where we crashed with my Bro for a night. Day 2 was St. Louis to Amarillo. Pretty uneventful. Amarillo got really cool though when I got a message in the morning from an old school buddy Alex Morgan who I hadn’t seen for easily 10+ years. Creator of some sweet Buffalo Composite Design bikes, cx racer, and all around good guy. He lives in Amarillo and we started off day 3 with an invite from Alex for a great cup of Joe at his home. He then pointed us in the direction of some Indian Food that was in a more than sketchy looking Phillips 66 truck stop in San Jon, NM. We stopped because I love stuff like that and it was to die for….best Indian food I have ever had! We continued on and landed in Durango on the 3rd evening to party with the Shrivers.

2014-12-05 11.06.21

Love the hidden hole in the wall gems!

It had been 10+ years since I saw Zach Shriver too and it was awesome to hit some hero dirt in Durango w/ him and Matt the day after arriving. I forgot how bad the altitude hurts. We spent 4 or so days in Durango, riding dirt, riding roads, watching the Packers, and even got the invite to a Vicky Secret fashion show party….WOW!

We arrived in Tucson 5 days ago and as always down here its been action packed. Getting settle, riding, racing, building new bikes, and of course eating burritos! I also did a few local cx races, but that will have to wait for the next update.

2014-12-07 11.08.53

Everybody meet Elmer!

Oh yeah…and we got a new puppy dog!