It’s been 5 weeks since I’ve updated the blog.  It’s summer and I’ve been busy!  After Junior MTB Camp I built up a new road bike!  A Trek Boone, which as many of you know is acutally a CX bike.  I’ll still build 2 new CX bikes this fall, but I wanted my road/training bike to be nearly identical to my CX setup.  The only small differences are a longer stem, different gearing, and skinnier tires!  Otherwise the Boone w/ Electro Hydro DI2 is pretty much the dream bike.  No cables and housing = pretty much no maintenance….perfect for training!  I’ve been on it for a month now and I love it….


The new Boone w/ Shimano DI2 & custom Powertap/Bontrager Disc wheels!






PowerTap and Bontrager teamed up to build me a sweet new rear wheel for the bike so once again I’m training with power after about a year of going old school.  I actually just did my first power test today after quite a bit of SUB LT work over the past month.  I managed 393 watts for 20 minutes which is just 2 watts shy of my PR.  I was pretty pumped as it wasn’t a planned test just an impromptu hard workout before the next adventure!

2015-07-09 08.44.00

If you haven’t made it to CH, you must! It’s dat good!

2015-07-09 09.38.00

The Top of Brockway Mtn in CH!





Along with the SUBLT work this past month I also got in quite a bit of good mtbn’!  Andrea and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary with a trip to da UP for some riding in Houghton and Copper Harbor.  We finished the week in Eagle River with a ride w/ the Schwallers on the Hidden Lakes Trails.

After the big 10 year celebration is was back to work on the WORS scene with a stop at Mt. Morris.  Unfortunately I think I spent a little too much time on the Remedy having fun in the UP and forgot how to ride the hardtail….a dropped chain at the bottom of the first descent had me scrambling the remainder of the race to catch the leaders.  I finished 4th after chasing all day.

2015-07-19 09.16.53

Defended my title at the Red Earth Classic! Love racing in the UP.

The seed was planted and some bigger racing was on my brain…bigger racing means hard training.  3×20(wed), 2×20(thurs), Red Earth Classic(sat), 2×25(sun).  A super solid block and a really fun race w/ some good prize money again in the UP.  The Red Earth Classic is a super old school race even though its only been around for 3 years.   A $200 KOM prime at the top of the Luge Hill at the start and $1000 bonus for finishing first had me motivated.  Because of the nature of the course I actually chose to ride Andrea’s Trek Fuel EX w/ 27.5 wheels.  It was a perfect bike for the old school tight technical trail and I was able to come away with the win.  The next days 2×25 was one of the best workouts of the year!  The rest of the day was supposed to be spent at Firefly Lk relaxing, but we discovered some new trails and they were actually AWESOME!  If you ever find yourself in Manitowish Waters….check out the WinMan trails!

It was a busy week and when I get home I needed to rest but the stoke factor was high with a new Trek Top Fuel 29er frame sitting in my garage.  With only 5 days till WORS Cup the race was on….to build the new bike!  It was quite the process with every hydraulic line needing to be cut and bled, shock hardware needing to be swapped, and some parts needing to be ‘borrowed’ from the ProCal.  Luckily I had everything I needed to make it happen with some major assistance from Karl H.  At the last minute I decided to drive to Portage to do a pre-ride to shake down the Top Fuel.

2015-07-23 08.13.49

The first look at the Top Fuel!

I instantly knew that once I figured the bike out it was going to be the fastest bike I’ve ever raced.  Unfortunately that doesn’t happen overnight.  The next day I was making the trip back to WORS Cup for the XC race.  Hoping more than anything that I did a good job double checking all the bolts!  A horrible start had me back in the pack, but I was able to move up the whole race and finish 10th.  The next day in the STXC I was more in the mix and lead it out with a lap to go, but only could manage a 5th place after battling it out w/ Finsty, Cole, and Dan McConnell.  My position needs a few tweaks and trials on the bike, but the bike took a solo mission to Canada without me….I’ll be reunited with it Friday.


Mixing it up with fellow Trek athlete & current STXC National Champ at the WORS Cup!





Next up is the highlight of the summer.  I’m heading back to the World Cup scene after a 15 year hiatus.  The last World Cup I did was Mont Ste Anne in 2000.  There was quite the after party being the 10th year in MSA World Cup history….I can’t wait to see what those Canadians whip up for the 25 year celebration!  After MSA I’m headed to New Hampshire to party on coast to coast style with Tom Sampson….so I’ll have plenty of time to get the Top Fuel dialed.  Then I’ll be headed to the World Cup in Wyndham, NY.  I’m pumped, but it does mean that I won’t be racing at Ore to Shore this year….guess I’ll have to give it a go in 2016.