Who rescued who?   The perfect phrase when it comes to Oscor.  He was the most gentle, loving, and low key dog one could ask for.  When our hearts were broken after losing our first boston terrier, Oscor was there to pick up the pieces and help us put them back together.  Oscor’s first years of life were rough.  We believe he didn’t make it much further than out of his kennel and was kept purely for breeding.  He became ill, was discarded, and found roaming the streets of rural Iowa and scheduled to be euthanized.

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Although we only saved Oscor two and a half years ago we became best friends.  It was so sad at first to have a dog who didn’t even know how to be a dog, but day by day Oscor came out of his shell.  He learned to live, to love, and to run free on the beach.  At first he didn’t want to come back when running free on the beach 🙂 but soon he realized our love for him would never let him go without a fight.





Oscor slowly became the dog you could only dream of.  He loved people.  He loved to chew on his elk antler and he would always sit close by and reach out his paw for more back scratches.  He loved just chilling in a patch of sunshine or taking naps on the couch or in the recliner.  Oscor was a goofball and always did things his own way.  He loved going for rides in the car both short and long, and he was always willing to give you a big kiss at the door when you got home from a bike ride.  He had so many 4 legged friends across the country that I’m sure are missing him this past week.

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About 3 months ago Oscor started the fight for his life.  We were in his corner the entire way and were inspired by his determination, his will to live, and his ability to survive.  Throughout this 3 month battle with cancer he continued to show us his love and it seemed to grow on a daily basis.  Unfortunately his life was cut short when he lost the battle just over a week ago.  A life that was just starting to shine in its full capacity.  He was a man of few words, but he left behind a huge impact.  His memory and the life lessons he taught will live on forever.  O – I miss you buddy.  Run free and when you get tired enjoy a nice nap in the sun and dream of us.