The top two photos are from the World Cup in Zolder….and I have some more good stories because yesterday was pretty sweet. Mario from Cycling-Pics got some awesome race photos. First off I have to tell you how much the Belgies are starting to love me….not sure why but the secret password to get in the parking area for the teams was Matter. Our driver Josef was practicing saying my name as we approached the race course. I wasn’t too sure why, but then when we pulled up he rolled down the window said my name and Wha – La a parking pass….how’s that for making an impression.Then after a few warm up laps getting ready for call ups the photographer went from Nys to Boom to me….he was looking at my bike for a while and I thought he was just admiring the Trek XO2 (they love Trek over here). Then he said to me, “You Matter?” I nodded and he motioned to take off my sunglasses and said “foto.” Yeah I’m Big Time in Belgium! Now I just need to hang on for two more races. My roomy is sick and hacking up a lung so I hope I can hang on for 2 more races.Here are some photos from Diegem and Loenhout.

The first two photos are from Diegem…the 3rd photo is from a local WI race??? The next couple are from Loenhout and I’m not sure on that last photo. I thinks its a mountain biker catching some air who doesn’t know how to pin on a number???My cyclingnews diary made headlines yesterday. Tomorrow is the GVA in Baal. Here is the link to watch it live. Once again we race at 15:00, which is 8am CST, but before you do that check out Stybar clearing the double in this highlight video.