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As the race approaches I am realizing the long race season will be over very shortly. It is kind of weird to have so much hype and energy in the air and by 4:00pm Sunday Hoogerheide will be back to a ghost town and the race season will be over. I am doing my best to take in every single second! The Jr’s are headed to the race and the U-23’s will follow shortly. I think some of the Jr’s have a legit shot at making a podium! We are going to sneak on the course for our last preview in between races. I was hoping to watch the Jr’s and U-23’s on TV, but I don’t think it will happen.

We just finished another fine dutch breakfast….Pasta and what else….Ham & Cheese!

I scored myself a sweet blaze/Dutch Orange Worlds hat! It should go great in Eagle River where I hope to get to get some skiing in before the snow melts when I get back to the States.

Our Belgian support crew didn’t like the blaze Orange. I think the rivalry between the Belgies and the Dutch is twice as much as OSU vs U of M.

So far the only links for watching the race are at http://www.cycling.tv/ and http://www.universalsports.com/
I think they are going to have some coverage at http://www.cxmagazine.com/, but I’m not sure if it will be video.

That’s all….wish me luck. I’m going to need it to do this for a full hour. This just in….I think I found the free link broadcasted from Sporza in Flemish The Real Deal.