The off season is officially behind us.  The 2017 season has begun.  I’m on a new team!  I didn’t spend my winter in Tucson, but the adventures were just as cool “Up North”!   Take a minute to check out some photos of the off-season and then hang on tight because its race week at the Whiskey Off Road in Prescott!

First and most importantly the announcement of the new team!  Linear Sport Racing Team is going to be a great fit!  The crew is amazing, they are a WI based, Trek Sponsored team and they know how to have a good time…heck they are sponsored by Patron!

Super excited to rock the green and blue of Linear Sport Racing Team this season!


I spent plenty of time this off-season working on the skills in the Dells and at the Dirt Jumps!

The Off Season consisted of a ton of time hanging out with the AZ Devo team and taking on a new roll as one of the coaches.  Its been a blast to say the least!

From epic hikes up Granite Mtn postholing thru waist deep snow at times….

to training camps…these guys are ready for the big time!

I also got in my fair share of adventures including Crested Saguaro hunting, and even another round of Picket Post Punishment with Sampson!

Found this beauty just the other day on the Black Canyon Trail in Bumble Bee. The trailhead is only a 40 minute drive from my house. Less than the drive thru Tucson to get to Ridgeline!


We nailed the timing on Picket Post with the Wildflowers in full bloom – also got quite a few Max Morris one liners!


Even found a few indian ruin sights both with pretty cool petroglyphs!

About a month ago the training started up again and I  have the first solid 3 weeks of miles under my belt w/ plenty of time on both the new Top Fuel and the new ProCal!  I finished up the week by representing my new team colors on the podium at the Prescott Punisher MBAA!

This is actually the Pro Podium – AZ Devo Jr Paul Fabian smoked us all!!!


Next up Whiskey 50!

We finished off last season pretty darn good! Hoping we start this one off in a similar fashion. Either way its awesome being in Prescott with Trav n Chloe!

and dont’ forget Elmer!