It’s good to be back….

I think the last time I was in Tucson was 2003. The weather is great, the burritos are scrumtious, and the memories are alive. An easy recovery ride to loosen the legs after being on the plane Tuesday. I went for a ride with Karew and the girls on Gates Pass on day 2. A WI Brat Fry went down Wed night with about every cyclist from back home in attendance. Thursday was a day to get stuff done. Plane tickets, terrorist documents, and travel abroad insurance. I ran into Jake R. and Jason T at CTS when I went into town to pick up my bike. Today should be a good day of training on my XO2 followed by some hard efforts in the Shootout Saturday morning. We are staying way West of town on the Indian Res so internet is spotty. Andrea Elicia Bennet, and his teammate Ty are all crammed in to a guest house. Bob Roll would be proud of these living conditions! Thanks again to Travis for the loaner bike and the ink cartridge to print out all my doc’s.
I put up another link to Paypal to help raise some money for the trip. Last time around I raised about $1600 which covered half of the expenses for the trip and my ticket was donated. Thanks to everyone who donated and thanks to MountainGoat and S. Diers who have donated this time around.