The last update was quite some time ago….in fact I just had to double check and discovered it was after the Carson City Off Road and Jr. Mtb Camp in Mid June. So buckle up cowboy…here comes the last 6 months! Luckily its a rain day here in Prescott so I’ve got time for some reminiscing.


Driving home from Cincy Pan Am – Krazy Karl and I were a little slap happy and did some brain storming…this was the end result!


The biggest update will have to be the purchase of a 2nd house in Prescott, AZ! After the Chequamegon, Trek CXC, Jingle Cross Block we took a quick trip out to AZ to hang out in some nice weather and check out some real estate!


The new homestead…you should see the backyard!

Going back to July and August I raced the WORS Cup and Ore To Shore where I had some success in the mud and then some bad luck with some flat tires on Misery Hill in the Ore To Shore.


WORS Cup was a mudder! I finished 2nd in the XC, 1st in the Short Track & Enduro!

After Ore To Shore we took the most memorable trip of the summer down to Rio to support or Prescott friends Trav and Chloe in their Olympic debut! It was amazing.


Superfans! USA USA USA



Skyler joined the RIO party at the last minute and we busted out some rock climbing up the back side of Pao de Azucar along w/ Christ The Redeemer, some Beach Vibes, and some Meat Sweats!


After Rio I took a solo road trip to check out the Dakota Five-O. It was quite the adventure trying to find the elusive jackalope which was a blast, but unfortunately I had more bad luck w/ some flat tires.


What a sweet area! + Custer State Park, Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Devils Tower, Badlands…..all you can handle in S. Dakota

Then things got really crazy w/ the Chequamegon/TrekCXC double followed by Jingle Cross and the trip to Prescott.


Stoked to ride to another Chequamegon Podium and even more pumped that Corey whom I have helped w/ coaching the last 4 years took the win!


After Prescott it was straight to MI for the MMM Gravel Grinder and then a few local CX and mtb races + Pan AM Games in Cincy in preparations for Iceman. Iceman went way better than expected after the process of buying a new house and moving across the country had started.


The finishing circuit at The Iceman Cometh is one of the best feelings in the world!


We left for AZ the day after Iceman and made the 3 day drive a success. After unpacking the sprinter van it was off to CXLA which was a little rough. A lot of travel and logistics were involved, but somehow I managed a Top 10 on day 2 with a very tired body. I finished up the season 2 weekends ago at the coldest gnarliest race of the season in Indianapolis at the Major Taylor CX. No better way to end that season than on the podium!


Started the season on the podium at Whiskey50 and finished on the Podium at the Velodrome in Indy at Major Taylor CX!

This off-season you can either find me on Whiskey Row or out exploring trails! 


I love this town!


West Side Sedona is not too far either and has plenty of scenery!


Plus I have a new Fuel EX! EXPLORING will be the name of the game!