Yesterday I got the e-mail from USA Cycling’s Marc Gullickson. I am officially on the 2009 World Championship Cyclocross Team. I am pumped to represent the USA at the battle royale of cyclocross in Hoogerheide. As of right now I am in Tucson…a little blown out from last nights 3:50am wakeup. It was -33 when I flew to Minneapolis. It was 65 when I landed in Tucson. Good decision to come out! It was a smooth flight and now it’s time to start training! I have a good program lined up for the following week and then it looks like a trip back to Izegem on Jan 22nd for a pre worlds camp. More Radio Donna, more Ham & Cheese, and best of all more Euro Cross. Thanks to TJ Woodruff for the loaner bike until my bike shows up Thurs via UPS. Thanks to Geoff Proctor and his Euro Cross Camp who gives riders like me the opportunity. Thanks to Gear Grinder, Trek, Easton, Oakley, Crank Brothers, and everyone else who has helped along the way. Back in 1996 I competed in the World Championships as a Jr in Cairns Australia and to be representing the US one more time 13 years later is a dream come true.

Stay tuned for more updates!